Monday, January 28, 2013

News story of the week!

This is a classic - you HAVE to read it!

Long wait for 'most stupid' Abu Dhabi murderer
Haneen Dajani
Jan 24, 2013

ABU DHABI // A murderer described by his lawyer as "the most stupid I have seen in 40 years" faces a long wait before being sentenced, because authorities are struggling to find the relatives of the woman he killed.

The murderer, a cook from India who worked for a top government official, bludgeoned his girlfriend - the neighbour's maid - to death with a stone in 2010 after she told him she was pregnant by him and threatened to accuse him of rape.

Believing her claims, despite never having had sex with the woman (seriously?!) , the cook put her lifeless body in a bathtub and filled it with water before burning the villa down to try to hide the evidence. (water-fire?? - did nobody ever tell him about this combo??)

But the effort proved unsuccessful. The villa was left in ashes but the bathtub survived, as did the maid's body, preserved beneath the water. (Doh!)

The cook's lawyer, who said his client was the "most stupid murderer I have seen in 40 years" (yeah, thanks for your support!), had argued that the attack could not be considered premeditated as it took place in a matter of seconds after the man was provoked.

The cook was arrested after asking his employer to help him flee the country.
His employer reported him to police but offered to pay his legal expenses and blood money, if it was demanded by the maid's family.

By law, the court cannot sentence the man before asking the family whether they want the death penalty or will accept blood money.

But authorities have as yet been unable to contact the maid's family. The case was adjourned with no date specified for the next hearing.


Visit to Dubai Global Village

Last week we visited Global Village in Dubai. We had never been before and were interested to know what it was like. It is basically a destination split into different country zones, that are themed with food, shopping and entertainment.

So, well it wasn't exactly Disney, but it was kind of interesting! Mostly however the markets appeared to be selling the same old tat from China, except the Africa zone that did seem to have some cool African stuff.

There was a kind of canal that ran through the whole area on which you could take boat rides. There was also a central area with a fun fair, complete with Ferris Wheel, which I will return to! There is also a nightly firework display which we didn't stay to.

If you did decide you want to visit every area and do every ride, then you could indeed spend all day here (open 4pm to like midnight I think), but I reckon 2-3 hours is plenty enough before you will get bored.

Each area with it's country designation....

The Emirati traditional cooking stall ... 

Waste not, want not in Africa...

Our favourite ! 

A good time was had by all...

Sadly, not the Fornication Centre ...

So, as I mentioned above, there was a Ferris Wheel. We didn't have the time or inclination to go to the rides area - and just as well! A couple of days later, the follow story appeared in the paper...

Basically, a piece of the wheel fell off and de-capitated a man below! The park is closed for half the year while it is too hot. One would have to question what kind of maintenance is done during this time while the ride is left idle in the baking heat?

It's a sad story, but I'm just glad we never went near the rides and would never in the future!

Friday, January 25, 2013

Alfie in Abu Dhabi!

Sorry folks - I've been neglecting the blog again!

We've currently got my daughter, Alice, over with her boyfriend, Josh, and my grandson, Alfie! Its really nice to have them here and to spend some time with Alfie. He is so cute! They are here for two weeks, so here for a good while. I took this week off work and we went to a few places.

He has especially been enjoying the pool at our villa. He loves the water!

Alfie the sun dude!

Alfie meets Archie !

We went to the Emirates Park Zoo, which is a real hidden gem. It's literally about 15 minutes from our home, but we have never been. It's actually a pretty good zoo. It has a wide variety of animals, well shaded and lots of food outlets. The animals generally look well cared for and have good size enclosures, which was good to see. 

The White Siberian Tigers were awesome!

...and a special needs goat!

We also went to Dubai one day and stopped off at Ibn Battuta Mall.

That night we went for the first time to Global Village, which I will put in a separate entry.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Eve - Abu Dhabi

Well, we saw in the new year with a bunch of good friends at The Club, Abu Dhabi. The Club put on a great do, we had a good spread and good music - from the 4 Tops (well, actually the 1 Top , plus three impostors!). We celebrated the UAE new year at midnight (complete with obligatory fireworks), followed by celebrating the UK new year at 4am! By then a full cooked breakfast was available (with pork!) - awesome!

Fantastic buffet, with carvery, BBQ and loads of other dishes.

Dance troupe performing on the stage.

Catering by John Bobbitt?

Good friends, good times...

...and elsewhere in Abu Dhabi, this was going on
(Image Credit: Hadrian Hernandez/Gulf News)