Monday, November 29, 2010

Abu Dhabi Big Band Photoshoot

We had a professional photographer come into rehearsal last week to take a few publicity shots. Below are a few samples. I think she did a nice job. The full album is also linked below.

Friday, November 26, 2010

World Championship Golf

Caz had a class today so I had to make myself scarce from the house. It was tough, but I went to the World Championship Golf in Dubai (Race to Dubai). I met up with some of the guys form work and we had a great day watching some fantastic golf in the sunshine. The Earth course is lovely and I am hoping I get chance to play it one day.

This is Paul Casey warming up on the practice ground.......

...and Miguel Ángel Jiménez - between cigars!

Lee Westwood (current World no.1 and last year’s winner) shaking hands with Ian Poulter on the 1st tee.

And this is what they were playing for ..... oh and a truck load of money!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Another visit to the mosque!

Not with us this time!

This from The National today........


Our villa in Al Reef

I just took a few pictures of our back garden at Al Reef. I’ll do some of the inside next. We have got pretty much the smallest garden on the whole complex I reckon, but it will do for us.

The pool has had some use over the last couple of weeks while we had some family over and Caroline is now not working full time. It’s good weather now and nice to sit outside in the evenings in some cool air. Just need to keep to mosquitos at bay!



Saturday, November 20, 2010

Weird cloud formations over Abu Dhabi

We went to the public beach on the Corniche yesterday. There were some really weird cloud formations that looked interesting. Unfortunately I only had my phone camera with me. If anyone knows what causes this phenomena I would love to know......








Thursday, November 18, 2010

An interesting new service?

I saw this truck today. I think maybe it is offering some new phone service to vent your anger at the local bureaucracy....

.... or it could be a spelling mistake?


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Visit to LuLu Island

Today we arranged a boat to take us to LuLu Island to spend the afternoon there and then get picked up again around sunset.

LuLu Island is a man made island in front of the Corniche in Abu Dhabi - shown below. Marina Mall is in the bottom left of the picture and we took our boat from that marina. LuLu Island used to be easily accessible for the public, with a boat service operating very cheaply. Shortly after we arrived here they stopped this service as the island was due for development. It is still due for development, but nothing has actually happened! You can still go to the island if you can get there, so access is only by private boat or jet ski.


We left the marina at around 12 noon and had a nice short trip to the island. Unfortunately, Caroline’s aunt didn’t take too well to the speed boat and we had to slow down before she was sick! It was certainly peaceful there and the water was lovely, the beach is a little shingly though. The only interruption to the peace was the occasional jet ski or boat going past, but it didn’t spoil things at all. There is a sign saying that you cannot “trespass” beyond the beach, but I did explore briefly the middle of the island where there was some disused cafes.

We took some food and drink and whiled away the afternoon taking in a few rays. Lovely!





Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dubai Visit

After a great weekend at the F1, we went to Dubai yesterday with our family visitors. The F1 was really good, but I did post plenty of pics last year, so no need again I don't think. I may put a couple of video clips up.

First stop yesterday was at Burj Khalifa. I booked online for us to go to "At the top" - it's best to book in advance as it is 100 AED, but 400 AED if you turn up on the day. I have wanted to go up to the viewing area on the 124th floor ever since it opened, so now was my chance. All in all I think they have made a pretty good job of making it an "experience", showing you the history of the development and construction and taking you up in a private lift. The lift travels at 10M/sec so it is a pretty quick to get up - but it did make my ears "pop".

We were very lucky with the weather as there have been quite a lot of dusty days lately, where the view would have been very poor. However, we had some great views. I think the thing that struck me most looking down, was just how obvious it was that ultimately we were in a desert. From street level you do tend to forget, but looking down from that height there is no doubt.

Here's a video I made.....

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Back online!

Etisalat managed to get us up and running today, so now catching up on a couple of weeks of internet starvation! More to come......

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Etisalat saga

I have been neglecting my blog lately as we have moved house and I still have no phone or internet connection. It's a long story maybe for another time.... watch this space!