Saturday, May 28, 2011

Visit to Ferrari World

We paid our first visit to Ferrari World today, mainly because of a 2 for 1 offer, so it was half price. We came away with mixed feelings really. As an adult the experience isn't all that thrilling if you have been to other theme parks around the world. The one exception to that statement is the Formula Rossa ride which is fab! More about that later.

If you visit the park as a family with kids, I think you could have a good day out. There are lots of rides and experiences for children to have. If you have teenage kids, I would think it would be less interesting. there are only 4 "thrill rides", one of which you have to pay extra for and one that was closed today (V12).

Having said all of that - the Formula Rossa ride is, for me, worth the ticket price alone! The exhilaration that comes from the way it bursts out of the "starting grid" is amazing. You can hardly breath as it shoots it's way to top speed and climbs the first incline. It's only a matter of seconds (0-240kmph and up 52Mtrs in less than 5 seconds), but it feels like ages - you just need it to end so you can breath again! It's a great ride and should be on any 'coaster fan's list.

Here's a link to some piccies and my video clip of the Forumula Rossa

Ferrari World - Yas Island, Abu Dhabi

Friday, May 27, 2011

This also makes me angry!

Woman injured in Al Ain crash is told her children were killed - The National

"But she is a devout woman and has faith and understands that this is Allah's will."

So they can't be bothered to put their children in a car seat, they are killed in a crash (which they would stand a very good chance of surviving if restrained) and it is then deemed God's will?

Can someone please explain??

CNN on Saadiyat Cultural District

A good overview off what is to come in Saadiyat Island. I am also playing my very small part in this development and will be able to look back at it with a smile well into the future.

Still the same twit that is Richard Quest though I'm afraid...

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Abu Dhabi 2030 Plan

Interesting report from CNN on Abu Dhabi's 2030 plan. Shame about Richard Quest who is a bit of a muppet.

More needless child car deaths!

Father and two children killed in head-on crash in Al Ain - The National

This just makes me so angry! Parents driving with their kids roaming the car (as is usually the case here), should be prosecuted for negligence.

..and fine them for their blacked out windows while you are at it - because 100% they will have those too.

Why do the police here ignore all this stuff....??

Our very own oasis

Now, I don't want this to sound like gloating (!), but having our own pool at home is heaven! Now that the temperatures have risen and it's easily over 40 degrees every day and mid-high 30's at night, having a chilled pool to jump into at the end of the day is lovely. A lot of the communal pools that people have access to are not heated/chilled, so in the summer it will just feel like entering a very big bath tub. We had major issues getting the heater/chiller to work (we are now on our 4th unit) and then we had issues with getting the temperature right (how did we ever cope I can here you thinking!), but now it's perfect. So, I reckon we should get good use out of it all year round.

...yep I can feel the vibes coming over the internet superhighway - I can tell you are really pleased for us...not! :-)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

UAE drivers you want to punch!

Many of the drivers here in the UAE, if they were driving in the UK as they do here, would have their window smashed at the next traffic lights, be pulled through the window by their throat and then have their head kicked in, or if they are unlucky, be stabbed to death! "Road Rage" is a very real phenomena in the UK, but it is rarely found here.

In one way, that is one of the things that we enjoy about living in the UAE - not having to deal with the loutish behaviour of a large underclass of people in the UK doing absolutely as they please because they don't really give a shit or respect anyone or anything. However, there are times when I wish I could gesticulate in a "FU" kind of way, wind down my window and hurl some abuse at the driver next to me when he has been a total prick. Unfortunately, this kind of behaviour here tends to lead to jail. So what we end up with is total apathy towards people who do take the piss.

The video clip below was taken this morning as I was driving on the Dubai-Abu Dhabi highway. There had been an accident up ahead and the traffic was tailing back for a few kilometeres. A number of arseholes decide that they can't wait in the traffic with everyone else, and they will drive down the hardshoulder. At home, this is not unheard of, but it happens very rarely - and if you do try this, you can expect a vehicle (often trucks) to pull out in front of you just to block you and not let you take the piss. Here everyone just idly watches for fear of pissing off the wrong guy and ending up in jail, when he lies and tells the police you stuck your finger up and swore at him, and your breath smelt of alcohol.

Just for the hell of it, here is the car count from the clip:-

Chevrolet (2)
Toyota (6)
Honda (1)
Nissan (1)
BMW (2)

Observations from this:

  1. There would be way more BMW drivers in this category at home!
  2. Doesn't say much for drivers of Jap Crap
  3. Toyota drivers - the stats don't lie !

Rant over!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Salam Street Roadworks

I walked over Salam Street on Hamdan Street at the weekend. There are signs of an actual road at the surface level now. I think the surface road might be on course for opening in the summer, but I think the tunnel may be delayed further. But even having the surface road is going to make a huge difference I reckon.