Tuesday, May 17, 2011

UAE drivers you want to punch!

Many of the drivers here in the UAE, if they were driving in the UK as they do here, would have their window smashed at the next traffic lights, be pulled through the window by their throat and then have their head kicked in, or if they are unlucky, be stabbed to death! "Road Rage" is a very real phenomena in the UK, but it is rarely found here.

In one way, that is one of the things that we enjoy about living in the UAE - not having to deal with the loutish behaviour of a large underclass of people in the UK doing absolutely as they please because they don't really give a shit or respect anyone or anything. However, there are times when I wish I could gesticulate in a "FU" kind of way, wind down my window and hurl some abuse at the driver next to me when he has been a total prick. Unfortunately, this kind of behaviour here tends to lead to jail. So what we end up with is total apathy towards people who do take the piss.

The video clip below was taken this morning as I was driving on the Dubai-Abu Dhabi highway. There had been an accident up ahead and the traffic was tailing back for a few kilometeres. A number of arseholes decide that they can't wait in the traffic with everyone else, and they will drive down the hardshoulder. At home, this is not unheard of, but it happens very rarely - and if you do try this, you can expect a vehicle (often trucks) to pull out in front of you just to block you and not let you take the piss. Here everyone just idly watches for fear of pissing off the wrong guy and ending up in jail, when he lies and tells the police you stuck your finger up and swore at him, and your breath smelt of alcohol.

Just for the hell of it, here is the car count from the clip:-

Chevrolet (2)
Toyota (6)
Honda (1)
Nissan (1)
BMW (2)

Observations from this:

  1. There would be way more BMW drivers in this category at home!
  2. Doesn't say much for drivers of Jap Crap
  3. Toyota drivers - the stats don't lie !

Rant over!


  1. They do get busted however; an Indian guy I work with has been fined 3(!) times for driving in that lane. You'd think he'd learn after the 1st and 2nd time...! He's also been done for being on the phone, and driving where the sign says you shouldn't. Costing a few thousand dhms so far! Fat chunk of his salary.

  2. Well I guess that's good to know! BUt yeah... you would think he would learn!

  3. I do get furious with the arrogance and lack of "situational awareness" of the drivers here. This place is unique though as one can get jail time for expressing frustrations. It forces a kind of patience.

    In my home country, it is somewhat the same but instead of prison, the penalty just might be in the form of a .38 caliber slug from the handgun under the seat of the offended driver. Be careful out there, the behavior of drivers on the highways is an example of how society gets along in general and it ain't a pretty sight.