Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Visit to LuLu Island

Today we arranged a boat to take us to LuLu Island to spend the afternoon there and then get picked up again around sunset.

LuLu Island is a man made island in front of the Corniche in Abu Dhabi - shown below. Marina Mall is in the bottom left of the picture and we took our boat from that marina. LuLu Island used to be easily accessible for the public, with a boat service operating very cheaply. Shortly after we arrived here they stopped this service as the island was due for development. It is still due for development, but nothing has actually happened! You can still go to the island if you can get there, so access is only by private boat or jet ski.


We left the marina at around 12 noon and had a nice short trip to the island. Unfortunately, Caroline’s aunt didn’t take too well to the speed boat and we had to slow down before she was sick! It was certainly peaceful there and the water was lovely, the beach is a little shingly though. The only interruption to the peace was the occasional jet ski or boat going past, but it didn’t spoil things at all. There is a sign saying that you cannot “trespass” beyond the beach, but I did explore briefly the middle of the island where there was some disused cafes.

We took some food and drink and whiled away the afternoon taking in a few rays. Lovely!





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