Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Dubai Visit

After a great weekend at the F1, we went to Dubai yesterday with our family visitors. The F1 was really good, but I did post plenty of pics last year, so no need again I don't think. I may put a couple of video clips up.

First stop yesterday was at Burj Khalifa. I booked online for us to go to "At the top" - it's best to book in advance as it is 100 AED, but 400 AED if you turn up on the day. I have wanted to go up to the viewing area on the 124th floor ever since it opened, so now was my chance. All in all I think they have made a pretty good job of making it an "experience", showing you the history of the development and construction and taking you up in a private lift. The lift travels at 10M/sec so it is a pretty quick to get up - but it did make my ears "pop".

We were very lucky with the weather as there have been quite a lot of dusty days lately, where the view would have been very poor. However, we had some great views. I think the thing that struck me most looking down, was just how obvious it was that ultimately we were in a desert. From street level you do tend to forget, but looking down from that height there is no doubt.

Here's a video I made.....

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