Thursday, November 25, 2010

Our villa in Al Reef

I just took a few pictures of our back garden at Al Reef. I’ll do some of the inside next. We have got pretty much the smallest garden on the whole complex I reckon, but it will do for us.

The pool has had some use over the last couple of weeks while we had some family over and Caroline is now not working full time. It’s good weather now and nice to sit outside in the evenings in some cool air. Just need to keep to mosquitos at bay!




  1. Hi Neil,

    Thinking of moving into Al Reef - I saw your post about using Pink Properties, but I just wondered what the interiors are like, and how good the build quality is? What have your experiences been so far?


  2. Hi SJ. The general quality of the fittings in the kitchen/bathrooms etc is better than villas we have seen in MBZC/Khalifa etc. but I'm afraid the build quality is the same all over the UAE - poor! everyone I know here has had leaks, our fibre optics to the villa were not working, extractors not working, the pool heater not working......but I think you will find these kind of things in any new villa in the country.

    Overall though we really like it here. It has a good community feel about the place and unlike anywhere else we have lived we get to chat to neighbours, see people walking their dogs, cleaning their cars - just regular stuff. And despite its proximity to the airport, I have rarely heard a plane.

    Come and take a look I think you might like it. If you want to email me I can send you some pictures ....

  3. Thanks for reply - I'll drop you an e-mail!