Monday, September 7, 2009

Iftar with Ali al Saloom !

Well it doesn't happen very often, but I have actually won something! I entered the following competition in The National ........

"The National's cultural advisor, Ali al Saloom is hosting a Ramadan Majilis at Emirates Heritage Village in Abu Dhabi on Tuesday Sept 8, exclusively for The National staff and guests. This is a unique opportunity to experience local cuisine and learn more about the cultural codes of the Emirates. The National would like to invite 8 readers to join us for this event. Each reader will be given a pair of invitations.

For your chance to be there, simply text your answer to the following question to 3538 (Etisalat) or 9104 (du) or email your entries to before 4pm on Sunday Sept 6.

At what time in the day does Suhour traditionally take place?"

We always read Ali's columns and it will be great to meet him. I'm also looking forward to a great traditional Arabic Iftar! For those not familiar, Iftar is the meal taken by Muslim at sunset to break their fast for the day during the holy month of Ramadam. It traditionally commences with dates and milk. Following prayers a feast will ensue! Can't wait!

Ali has a couple of websites. The ask-ali one is very interesting if you want to know about the UAE and Muslim culture....

..oh and the answer is ... before sunrise

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