Thursday, June 9, 2011

John Terry breaking the law in Abu Dhabi!

Well, they are aren't they?

I go to great lengths telling my daughters to "cover up" when they visit. Keep your cleavage inside your top; no strappy tops; no short skirts. There are two main reasons for this...

1. respect to local sensibilities
2. to reduce man-staring

We also tell those of our kids that come with other halves - do not kiss each other in public.

So seeing these two muppets over here acting like they are in Ibiza really pisses me off!

I know of a couple that were fooling around in the pool of an international hotel in Abu Dhabi - just normal larking around - only to be confronted by the police telling them to get out and go with them to the police station. The lady had to go there and then in her bikini. Apparently a local had complained and they were charged with simulating sex in public! Fortunately they had a good sponsor, who managed to get them released. But it is so unfair when there is one rule for them and another for celebs staying at Emirates Palace.

I would have so laughed if they had go arrested...


  1. To be fair, the law is somewhat confusing. Displays of affection and nudity are not allowed in public. The Terrys could argue that they are on a private beach in a private resort, so it does not count as a public place. Ultimately it depends on who sees them and, if that person is offended, how powerful the person is. A cleaner reporting them would be sent away. A sheikh reporting them and the Terrys would be arrested. The UAE is what is called a "honour/shame" society, where the rules are not fixed like in the West (a "guilt/innocence" society), but are fluid according to the situation. I am not surprised if the Terrys are confused, I still don't understand it after being here 20 years!

  2. David - ours is not to reason why!