Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Home for Christmas, NYE at Qasr al Sarab

We are leaving tonight to go home for Christmas. We booked our flights ages ago and decided to go with Qatar Airways to save money, but now I am regretting it. Its going to add a few hours to the overall journey, but hey ho (or should I say, hey ho ho ho), think of the money.

It's cold at home, but nowhere near as bad as last year when the snow came. So hopefully our traveling around will be ok. Home in Kent for Christmas, Boxing Day in Hemel with my family and then up to Coventry to stay at my daughters house overnight. Then to Irthlingborough to drop daughter number two off, then back to Kent. Also going to fit in dinner with one of my brothers and his wife who won't be around Christmas Day. So all in all, quite a bit of traveling to do.

The when we get back we will be spending NYE at Qasr al Sarab, an awesome desert resort, right in the Empty Quarter, or Rub' al Khali, near to the Saudi border. We have two nights there, including a Gala Dinner on NYE. Can't wait. Here's a few pictures of the resort...

 ... and here is where it is located (red place-marker) ...! Best make sure my camel is fit and watered !

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