Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Birthday to me!

It's my 45th birthday today and that along with my recent news of impending grandadhood, are making me feel very old!

We had a lovely dinner at Hakkasan, at the Emirates Palace. I just love Hakkasan. The layout is almost exactly as I remember it in London. The London restaurant is, or was, Michelin starred, the food in Abu Dhabi is just as good. By far the best Chinese food in the country. Below is a piccie of my birthday dessert!

It's been nice to get messages from friends and family all day today. I got a few from companies I am associated with in one way or another, like my bank, HSBC, and my financial advisors, GlobalEye - who sent me a cake! Very nice it was too!

We have just chilled out by the pool today and this evening there is more chilling for me as Caz has bought me a 2.5 hours session with a the Spa at the Shangri-La! Will be sooo nice. Film and take away after that I reckon...


  1. Belated happy Bday Neil. 45 you say....So that means you could quite easily be a great grandfather at 65 and a great, great grandfather at 85. What a frightening prospect!