Friday, May 11, 2012

Newspaper stories

Some stories from the paper caught my eye today, especially as they were all on the same two page spread.

So... a few observations: 

8 out of top 10 - Emiratis
Other 2 , Egyptian and Indian
What no Westeners??

I seriously think that fines and impounding are not a deterrent, especially to Emiratis who mostly have more than one car, some several - and even if their favourite car is impounded, they just go out and buy another one the same! They just don't care about fines and impounding. Send them to jail - maybe that would work?

So, next two stories that have an interesting contrast...

So four years for having a bit of puff and 1 year for killing someone while drink driving. The sentencing here is so inconsistent and often just defies logic. The drug guy even volunteered a lot of information he didn't need to, admitted what he had done and was very helpful to the police - and then gets 4 years. This place is just mental sometimes....

1 comment:

  1. Not surprising Emiratis head the list, especially a female in her 20's, probably with much Wasta. These types do not think the law applies to them.

    About the drunk Indian running over a Pakistani (that was reportedly STANDING on the pavement), that was a recipe for disaster right there! Indians and Pakistanis both seem not to have any concept of road rules. 1 year jail and licence suspension...come on!

    I once had a card that listed offences and penalties. Seems like improper display of your tag carried a greater penalty than causing a death. Go figure.

    Driving here in the USA is no picnic, but it seems very sedate to me after negotiating UAE traffic. The traffic death rate is 1/3rd of the UAE, the UK is probably better.

    My impression of driving in the UAE is that someone gave a lot of 7 year old kids a loaded pistol to play with and they have no inkling of their own mortality. All they care about is making a loud noise and for many it will be the last sound they hear.