Thursday, March 28, 2013

A few random pictures....

First of all another ridiculous crash - this time on the Saadiyat highway. 4 lanes, wide, little traffic - and yet someone still manages to crash headlong into the concrete safety barrier! 

The sun whited out this shot, but you get the idea!

Don't ask..... wtf?

I did a visit the the construction site of the new Cleveland Clinic. By all accounts the whole of the top floor (highest one you can see) is going to be just one suite for the Royals! The second floor is split into 4 (I think it is) as 4 VVIP will be the place to be ill and wealthy!

My random celeb (C list) follower on twitter :-)

 ...more wtf !

This was some kind of cool looking dune bashing car - I want one!

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