Monday, April 22, 2013

Time for change...

Well as I approach 5 years here (OMG how did that happen!?), things are changing. I am about to start a new job (it's big and it's blue) and for the first time since living here, I will have an Abu Dhabi visa and not a Dubai one. It doesn't make too much difference, except it means we don't have to traipse across to Dubai for medicals and immigration visits for me and the maid . It also means that I can get an alcohol licence! Yay! Nearly five years and no alcohol has been a bind (ahem) but I will soon be able to purchase and drink alcohol legally  Anyway, no doubt more on these changes in the coming weeks.

As well us approaching 5 years, The National newspaper here is also celebrating it's five year anniversary. It is by far the best English speaking newspaper in the UAE and I have subscribed to it, I think, for 4 years now. The have doing some pieces focussing on "then and now" from 5 years ago to now. Below are some photos they published in the paper showing two of the major developments that have risen up in the last 5 years:-

There are many others, including everything on Yas Island, everything on Saadiyat Island and everything on Aldar's Al Raha Beach development. I could name probably a dozen other major developments and other infrastructure projects that have been completed while we have been here. Although it does seem that projects are slow at the time, as you look back you can see how things have indeed moved on significantly.

I'm sure I will be reminiscing more as the 5 year mark approaches in June, so I think that is enough for now!

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