Monday, June 24, 2013

Facebook sale fails

I am one of the 4 people in the world that is not on Facebook. I am constantly ribbed because I am not part of the facebooksphere. But I do know there is stuff on theref for sale on a facebook page that is for people selling stuff here locally. There are some ridiculous things for sale or people asking ridiculous questions on a regular basis. Below I have just browsed a few days and found these....

10 Dhs is like £1.80 ... could you be arsed

Some conversion problems here methinks

How about just giving it an iron before you take the picture??

Just. Throw. Them. Away.

...and my kids had a fear of green vegetables and going to bed !

..if in doubt read the instructions..

Not selling the outside with it?

Look at the state of it! 1800 is over 300 quid! 

Short people?! Really?

Throw. Them. In. The. Bin.

You've got to be joking, right?


  1. Hi, are you sure these are from FACEBOOK and not Dubizzle? Ive been on FACEBOOK for a long time and never came across such posts- and im pretty active on FACEBOOK as im in marketing and part of my job is social media through facebook. I also use it to promote my blog which is really helping a lot.Maybe your friend has all the 'wrong friends' on her list therefore all these crap things keep popping up :)

  2. ha ha! tell her to leave that group so she will stop getting the crazy posts in her news-feed :) there are MANY crazy groups on FACEBOOK so yes i can imagine this coming from a group not a private,personal profile

  3. you are missing out on some great bargains there Neil. I have sold every piece of furniture in my five bedroom villa on that group.

    Kris Schmid

  4. haahha these are brilliant ! :)

  5. Love your comments! lol But I have to admit I'm curious as to the name of the group. The ones I've seen mostly have a load of people posting about shady deals on iPhones business opportunities. I'll be moving to AD in the fall, and I'd appreciate a shot at some of the quality merchandise you highlighted.

  6. Its one of the community sites related to where we live, Al Reef Villas. You are welcome to them! :-) Let me know if I can help at all with anything related to your move.

  7. Thanks, Neil! I appreciate that. And I'd just like to say that I've really enjoyed reading your posts; they've given me some great background information on AD from a personal and entertaining perspective. :-)

  8. You are welcome... keep reading :-)

  9. Just thought I'd check back in after I realized today that I've ended up joining the group you mentioned because I've just taken a flat in Al Reef Downtown! One of my coworkers who also lives in Al Reef recommended the group to me and I thought, "This crap kind of looks familiar." And sure enough, I come back here to double check and you had said it was for Al Reef. lol How do you like living there? I'll be working in Mohammed Bin Zayed City, so I thought it was a good spot for a quick commute to work. I had originally looked in Al Bateen, but it was just out of my price range. So far, I'm really enjoying being in Abu Dhabi. I'm still in the hotel my school put us up in, but hopefully I'll be moving over to Al Reef by the beginning of next week at the latest. Exciting times! :-)

  10. Welcome to Al Reef! I'm sure you are going to love getting into your own place after the hotel! Hope it all works out well for you..keep reading :-)