Friday, July 26, 2013

Ferrari World again

We  decided last weekend to pay a visit to Ferrari World as it was something to do inside out of the heat, and we had 2-for-1 vouchers. Sadly, the best thing about FW, the Formula Rossa, was closed for maintenance. Well, at least it gets some maintenance I guess.

In the middle of Ramadan, on a Saturday morning, the place was deserted which at least meant we could walk right onto the rides we wanted to try.

There is a display of Ferrari's in one part of the place which was cool. There were some old ones, working up to some of the more recent models. A pretty penny's worth all on loan from the same guy, Mr Tariq Shaikh. Clearly he had driven at least one of them on the UAE's roads as it had the SALIK (toll) Tag still on the windshield. Here's a quick (but poor, sorry) video of the room.

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