Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year's Eve - Gangsta's Paradise !

Last night I saw in the new year at a party held in a huge villa here in Abu Dhabi. It was an awesome venue , which included a bar (with a barman), a pool room, outside space with a swimming pool area - with music provided by a DJ. The guys who share the villa play in a band, which also performed at stages through the night (a rogue trumpet player was seen towards the end of the night too! ;-) ). We had good company, good food and enjoyed a great night welcoming in 2014.

 The venue

American occupants as you may guess

The awesome bar!

Pool area

Other pool area!

 ...and the band played on...

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  1. Wow your home is amazing and it looks like you guys were having a blast. I actually wanted to buy a snooker table but there is no place to put it in my house but maybe a pool table can fit somewhere as its smaller will give it a try.