Tuesday, April 21, 2009

..and the big news of the day is.....

...we are moving home!!!! Or as they say over here we are "shifting" to another apartment. We really have had enough of life in Mohammed bin Zayed City, so we are moving to the City. Lots of people think we are mad because of the higher rents, therefore smaller places that are affordable and the total lack of parking in most areas. However, we need to feel like we are "connected" to this place and not isolated as we are now. If you look out of our window you see nothing except maybe someone arriving that lives upstairs. In the City there is life. There are people. There are shops and restaurants etc etc. We have none of this at the moment.

So, we have found an apartment which is right near Caroline's work, so she can walk there - perfect! It means we can dispense with one car, Caz can walk to work and when I am doing business in the City, which is 75% of the time, I am right there amongst it too. Here's the location of the tower....unfortunately no sea view for us!

Also when we have visitors they can easily walk to places or get cabs to go anywhere. No cabs ever come past our place in MBZC. The apartment is secured with a deposit, the contract will start 1st May, although we may not actually move in until a while after. Our current lease doesn't expire until July 5th, but our current landlord has agreed to release us 1 month early. We will be back in the UK from May 28th-June 6th, so basically we will definitely have to have moved before then.

So watch this space.........


  1. Neil. I know the feeling. I now live in an employer-supplied flat in Khalifa City across from Al Raha Beach and it is as lifeless and sterile as MBZC.

    When I first arrived here my employer put me in a hotel near Hamdan Street for 2 months and I really enjoyed walking around the city after work and on my days off. I really did feel more connected with the area and culture.

    However, in my case there are pluses and minuses. I work at the airport so I have an 8 minute commute and I can always find a parking space. That is a plus.

    The minus is that on my days off I awake to all the cranes, construction and sand and I want to escape but driving into town seems a daunting endeavor especially if adult beverages are involved with my friends in the city. That complicates things an order of magnitude, cabs would have to be involved. A lot of times I talk myself out of the trip and just vegetate at my nice but boring flat

    If I could wave a magic wand, I would have a place in Khalifa City during my workweek and s place in the city for my more than average amount of my days off. I do get energized The times I am in the city, which is not enough.

    I am saving money where I am now due to the lack of distractions, that is practical but not fun!

    I think you guys will be happier in the city. Good Luck.

  2. Thanks Ace. We hope you are right!