Friday, April 17, 2009

Boats, Planes and Hair Straighteners

The Red Bull Air Race is on in Abu Dhabi this weekend. Unfortunately, today the weather was a bit dull, so I am going to watch them tomorrow in the hope of getting some good pictures.

Last night Caroline's hair straighteners went bang. Now, apparently, to a female who cannot put her hair up because it is too short, this is a critical situation. Therefore, I had to go into the City today in search of GHDs (which I learnt some time ago stands for Good Hair Day - did you know that?! did you want to? ) while Caz was at work.

As the shops don't open until late in the afternoon on a Friday I thought I would fill some time by taking a look down at the fish harbour, which I've been meaning to do for a while. The fish market actually looked quite organised and clean -I think I am still traumatised from one I saw in Gambia (picture below).

and market in Banjul, Gambia.......aaagghh

Dows at the harbour (Abu Dhabi)....

The Dows in the harbour looked great, especially in contrast to the modern construction going on behind the harbour. I got talking to the guy that manages a couple of dinner cruise boats. He charges AED225 (c.£40) for a 2 hour evening cruise, so not too bad. Maybe have to do that one day. These were more traditional looking boats, rather than a more modern yacht that Le Meridian Hotel have for a similar price. I also chatted to a local guy who was fixing his motor boat. It was 42' with 2 berths, not ultra modern but quite nice. He told me that he uses it mainly for the ladies! Takes them out, goes to bed with them, then comes back! That's the second time this week that I have been told that is the main purpose for the locals having yachts! He hires it out for fishing trips and island hopping etc. Got his card, so again, maybe one day.

If you want to look at all of today's photos, here is the link....

Abu Dhabi Fish Market & Harbour

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