Friday, July 10, 2009

Caracal Shooting Club

Today we decided to check out the recently opened Caracal Shooting Club at The Officer's Club in Abu Dhabi. Caracal are a UAE manufacturer of small firearms. The experience was a very pleasant one. There is a nice coffee shop if you have to wait your turn (which at c.4pm on Fri we didn't) and the overall customer service was good. They issue you with ear defenders and safety glasses, both of which are necessary because of the noise and the spent bullets flying everywhere. There is a viewing area outside where you can watch the action without the need of the safety gear.

We went on the 25M range to shoot .22 and 9mm pistols. Caz went first and she did rather well with the .22. The instructor (who was very good and had a good sense of humour) marked her target in the centre with chalk and told her that if she hit it she could keep the gun! He started to get a bit worried when she came pretty close, so he had to clarify that he was actually joking.

He told me the .22s were for girls and gave me a 9mm! I've only ever used a shot gun before, shooting clay pigeons, so a pistol was new for me. I didn't do too bad I don't think, hitting the bull about 5 times.

There is also a simulation machine with a laser gun where you can use lots of pre-set situations to test your shooting skills, which we said we might try on another occasion.

I think Caz shot 25 rounds and I did 50 and it cost us Dhs500 (c£80), so it wasn't cheap for the half an hour or so we were in there, but it was good fun and worth it for the experience.

Here's some pics...

Caracal Shooting Range


  1. Hey there

    I was googling caracal shooting club n ur blog was in the first page ... I have to say tht i really loved the photos n thinkin to go this weekend :D

    Thank u guys

  2. You will enjoy it Aziza, we will go back another time. It's definately a good thing to do to get out of the heat! Have fun.....

  3. Capt. Richard N. WambwaJanuary 6, 2010 at 4:29 PM

    Hi all, i was recently in Abu Dhabi over xmass & new year 2010.Being an avid shooting fan i visited the Caracal shooting club and i must say it was the best expirience iv ever had at any range worldwide.The facillity is excellent and all the staff are proffesional and very friendly. I would give the club as a whole top marks. Kuddos!!

  4. Hi all, i will travel from Dubai to Abu Dhabi by bus in May. Does anyone know how can i get there from the bus station and what time do they open/close? So, anyone like me as a tourist can use their shooting facilities without joining any membership? Thanks!

  5. Viviane, the shooting club is located at the Armed Officer's Club. The buses go right into the City, but the club is nearer the top of the island (Grand Mosque end), so if you can get the bus to stop before going into the city centre it would help. I would guess most of the taxis should know where the Officer's Club is. I'm not sure on the opening hours, but their phone number is : 02 441 6404

    Hope this helps.

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