Saturday, July 4, 2009

Early start for a Saturday

Caz was at work yesterday and today. This morning when the alarm went at 6.30am I got up too and decided to go to the beach. I dropped Caz at work and was on the beach by 7.30! At the moment it is the best time to go, before it gets too hot. The gulf waters are really warm during the summer, so it feels a bit weird not to cool off when you get into the water. Had a good swim and did some exercising in the water (half way to losing my first stone by the way!) , then got out and read the paper in a chair on the beach. By the time it got to 9 I had had enough and it was by now 38C. I'm guessing it probably reached 45-48C today (so stop whinging about a heat wave in England!) . Went to McD's for brekkie, where they now do the proper McD breakfast menu - yippee!

Took my new car for it's first car wash later on. Promised some piccies so here we go.....

It's nice to be back in a car rather than a 4x4, at least the bus I had! It actually has some pick up (for those interested it's the 1.8T engine) and so I can now drive like the locals! It has an AUX socket from the stereo, so today I sourced a kit to connect my iPod, with a wireless remote that fits onto the steering wheel, so the car now has good sounds too! No more crappy local radio!

Finished the day off by cooking a lovely (even though I do say so myself) lamb roast dinner for when Caz came home - with roast pots, fresh veg and Yorkshire puddings (7 pounds back on!). Nice to have some taste of home though.....

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