Monday, November 23, 2009

Bus Ride!

I just found this picture I took when Caroline’s aunts were over. For the first time we took a bus! Now, I never go on a bus even at home (yes I am a snob) – god I hate buses and the low life that you usually find on them (apologies to regular bus riders!). So I wasn’t best pleased when one of Caz’s aunts suggested we get the bus back from Marina Mall. It was around 10.30pm and the bus queue was massive. There was a general scrum to get on the bus and I felt like I was on the Tokyo metro or something, squeezing to get on. The journey along the whole length of Hamden Street seemed to go on forever. I think I was in the ladies section, but there was no way I could move to any other part of the bus if I wanted to.

Anyway, all in all, not an experience I will be clambering to suffer again.

Here’s a pic I took on my phone….


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  1. I am normally a fan of public transport, but that photo really put me off from patronizing the Abu Dhabi variation.