Sunday, November 1, 2009

Superb first day at the F1

Had a great day at the Grand Prix today. There were a few organisational glitches, but on the whole things went very smoothly. We didn’t wait for the concert, so getting away by car was fine. Hamilton is on pole for tomorrow so hoping for lots of Land of Hope and Glory!

Here’s a few piccies….

Me and Caz

ADF1GP 078

Me and two of my brothers, Mark (L) and Steve (R)

ADF1GP 077

View from our seats


Start of the Porsche Super Cup race


Lewis Hamilton


Jenson Button


Yas Marina Hotel



  1. Ok this might sound a bit stalkerish but I think I saw you at the race on Sunday! I wasn't 100% sure it was you so didn't go over. Were you sitting near enough at the end of a row, kind of in the middle of the stand? If so we were so close! Hope your hearing has returned to normal!

  2. Well funny you should say that, because I thought I may have seen you but I only had your pic above to go on! We were near a row end, so I guess it could have been us......I used the earplugs so hearing is fine!

  3. Wow how great that you got to go to the first race in Abu Dhabi. My husband was there but he works for Formula 1. The race was a little boring, shame it hadn't gone down to the last race for championship.

  4. Well Anne, maybe you should come with him next year... you will love it!