Saturday, February 13, 2010

Rolls Royce Ruined

We walked past the Rolls Royce dealer here last night, Abu Dhabi Motors. In the showroom there were two, two-tone Rolls Royces. One was blue and white and the other black and yellow. I said to Caz what a sacrilege I thought it was, to do that to a Rolls. RR drivers don't usually like to be so ostentatious, rather, display an heir of class and understatement. The quality of the car is found under the bonnet and inside the car, for the benefit of it's occupants, rather than for displaying to others. So for me, leave the garish paint jobs for other marques.

So then, this morning on my way to Abu Dhabi Mall, in the Tourist Club Area, I saw that someone had obviously bought one, I guess not the night before , but previously!

Seeing it up close only served to confirm my thoughts........

(all easy for me to say since I will likely never be rich enough to buy one - unless we live in it!)

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