Thursday, March 25, 2010

Arachnid in my apple!

Something weird and very annoying has happened! I have a spider currently living inside my iMac! It is merrily running around under the glass of the LCD screen! I know it will die one day, I just hope it doesn't die in the middle of the screen, or even worse, gets into the circuitry and shorts something!

It is only a little "money" spider, but it is annoying when I see it walking across the screen.

It's been there at least 24 hours now... I'll keep you updated.


  1. Back in the day before digital displays, I had a roach die behind the transparent frequency indicator (slide rule type)on an audio tuner/amplifier I had.

    Manipulating the tuner knob, I got the frequency indicator needle to push the corpse to one side but it was still visible in the backlight illumination.

    This was a huge Florida roach and it was embarrassing when I entertained female guests as it killed the mood a few times.

    When I relocated, I couldn't give that initially expensive piece of equipment away!

    Hope your luck is better, Neil!

  2. Well there has been no sign now for a couple of days, so fingers crossed!