Thursday, March 4, 2010

Footy with the Egyptians

Well last night was a bizarre experience! At the bottom of our apartment block there is a barbers shop (or saloon as they call it), which is run by some Egyptian lads. I have been winding them up for the last few weeks, knowing that England were playing Egypt in a friendly football match. They invited me to watch the game with them in their saloon. The game didn’t start until 12 midnight our time, but that didn’t seem to phase them one bit. We often come back on a flight at, like, 2am and they still have customers in there having their hair cut!

So, I watched the game from one of the barbers seats with about 8 Egyptian guys. One bloke was having a cut and shave during the match!

It was very strange. But at least we won 3-1 !

Here’s a quick clip off my phone to give you a flavour......

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