Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Ramadan from tomorrow

The new moon has been spotted by the Moon Sighting Committee in the Western Region of Abu Dhabi and therefore Ramadan has been declared as starting from tomorrow.

So basically, no eating, drinking, smoking, dancing or playing loud music during daylight hours for a month. It’s unlikely you will be arrested for any of this, unless you are being really inconsiderate and a complaint was made to the police, but mostly you would just get very dirty looks. Really, you just need to be considerate of those around you that are fasting and respect what is for them a very holy time.

Time Out Abu Dhabi has a good summary of what Ramadan is all about.


Ramadan Kareem to my Muslim readers!


  1. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Sorry Rootless... I actually removed your comment by mistake as I decided to remove and re-word mine.

    Rootless was questioning my sincerity because I had spelt the word "Ramandan" wrongly with an "m" on the end.

    1. It was simply a typing error in my haste, and yes I did it three times. If I had taken more time over my post, I would have spelt it correctly as I know full well how to spell it. See my previous postings on the subject.

    2. I have many many muslim friends who I have also wished Ramadan Kareem to. If you do not wish to accept my good wishes because of a spelling mistake, this surely is not in the spirit of the occasion.

    3. If I spent my time correcting the spelling of translations into English from other languages, I would be a very busy man indeed. I can usually know what is meant and can understand it regardless. If a muslim friend wished me a "Happy Christmass" , it might make me smile, but I wouldn't feel I needed to question his sincerity and be sarcastic about it.........

  3. I have managed to recover the comment... here it is (never wany to stifle free speech)

    "Erm, getting the basic spelling of the month of RamadaN correct might be a start towards making your Muslim readers feel like your wishes were sincere?? It's not like it's not easy to find... "

  4. Oops there I go again.... another spelling mistake :-)

  5. Thanks! One typo is unfortunate, two is careless, but three - in this part of the world anyway - must be a Zionist conspiracy!!

  6. Yep, maybe my keyboard has been hijacked by Mossad!