Sunday, January 9, 2011

Contradictions challeged

From today's The National.

Shop manager appeals conviction for indecent video game - The National

Basically, two men are appealing their conviction for showing indecent images on a video game in the billiard hall. Their defense is that they bought the machine legally and how can they know what images are going to be portrayed in the machine with 150+ multilevel games. Also to support their case they produced stacks of magazines and underwear packaging (also purchased legally) which show images far more indecent than the ones in question.

This case exposes major problems here, that of contradiction and hypocrisy. You can't show an indecent image on a games machine, but you can on underwear packaging. You can't show cleavage on a cereal packet, but you can show mannequins with "peep hole" bras in the mall. You can't wear "indecent clothing" at the mall, but you can go to a Dubai club venue wearing next to nothing. You can get arrested for having consensual sex if you are unmarried and living together, but a blind eye is turned to hoards of whores in many venues all over the country. And and and........

It is no wonder tourists (and others) fall foul of the law - all the contradictions are confusing.

I hope the two guys succeed in their defense, but I suspect that for some logic to be applied will be too much to ask.

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