Tuesday, January 25, 2011


I finally gave in!

Caz has wanted a dog for as long as we have been together (nearly 10 years!). She has always had dogs before and has really missed having one around. I have always said that while we are both working full time it wouldn't be fair and Caroline has agreed. But now she isn't working full time, so my main argument has crumbled!

So let me introduce to you Milo......

Milo is 10 weeks old and a typical cross breed "desert dog". We deliberated over his name but finally settled on Milo, as suggested by Caroline's daughter Rochelle. He is a lovely placid dog and is pleasure to have around.

We adopted him from a rescue centre, Strays of Abu Dhabi (SAD) . They have been fantastic and have provided a great service - to us and Milo!

I'm sure you will hear more about Milo in the future.......