Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Camel Racing at Sweihan

Last weekend we did something we have said we wanted to do since we got here - go camel racing (not riding you understand, just watching!). I saw an advert in the paper inviting the general public to a camel racing festival in Sweihan which is about an hour or so into the desert from where we are.

The festival ran all week and included Saluki (dog) racing, camel and saluki beauty contests and traditional arts, crafts and dancing. 

The day we were there it was really windy and cold under the cover of the grandstand, so we didn't stay all afternoon, but we did see a few of the races. Here's a few piccies of the afternoon....

Traditional Emirati dances

Gold Ceremonial Sword Prizes

Lexus 4x4 prizes!

One of the unlucky ones!


  1. Next time I want to join you for the races, I understand the no beer and/or gambling but I will personally sacrifice.

  2. No worries - we will work something out!