Monday, April 18, 2011

Trip to Musandum

We took a trip at the weekend to Musandum. Musandum is right at the northernmost tip of the Arabian peninsular and belongs to Oman (see the map below).

Unfortunately it was a very long drive in a bus from Abu Dhabi, via Dubai to Dibba, where we met the boat. It took us about 4 and a half hours to get there on a pretty cramped bus. At Dibba we crossed into Oman. The border control was almost non-existant with passport control consisting of waving our passports or ID cards in the air while the guy stood at the door to the bus and let us through. Mind you, I can remember doing the same on a day trip to France with school when I was a kid.

The boat we boarded was a traditional looking Dhow. We went to the upper deck and made ourselves comfortable on the sunbeds. Mind you the weather was a bit variable, a few spots of rain, lots of strong winds and also some sunshine. I guess I was a little disappointed with the boat trip, we just went round the coast a bit and anchored up while we went swimming, some went to the beach, and we had lunch. I know some people that have done overnight trips that have gone further into the waterway and also there is another point at which trips leave that also provides some better views. However, it was pleasant enough, but would have been more enjoyable if we had driven to Dibba rather than endured the bus.

However, the bus did provide the most exciting moment of the day when there was nearly a punch up between some young Arab guys and an Indian family over the return seating arrangement! Basically, we had taken up the back seat on the way, but when we got on the bus to return, 2 Arab couples had taken our places. No problem, we thought, we just sat down in some other seats. However, when the Indian family came onto the bus they were particularly distressed that they couldn't sit together on their original seats. The ringleader, who I am sure had some deep seated inferiority complex, felt the need to raise his voice and declare to the rest of the family members that they should get off the bus and not get back on, the driver should "manage the seats" or they should get them another bus. Oh boy...what an idiot. He clearly felt he was entitled to "his" seats for the return journey. Then his wife started joining in. They started clearly suggesting that we (the other members of the group) had "stolen" their seats. The Arab guys then got off the bus and started to have their say. This then escalated until an Omani police guy who happened to be on hand, was called to separate them. Eventually everyone got on the bus. Only for it kick off again between the Indian ringleader and the Arab ringleader! Lots of pushing and shoving and insults - the classic of which was from the Arab guy who said "I will shove my d*ck in your mouth!" - charming.

This could all have been avoided if the Indian guy's attitude had been different to start with, had he nicely asked if it were possible for us to move so his family could be together, I'm sure people would have moved. But his aggressive, ignorant attitude completely worked against him. However he did provide the best entertainment of the day. I am reminded of the quote from Zig Ziglar -
 "Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude"

Here's some pictures and video from the day....

My best dive of the day!


  1. very interesting trip. i laughed at the seats incident :) I thought such trips should have a guide in the bus in case anyone needed anything or if such things happen..
    nice pics btw

  2. Thanks Jano.. the seat things was hilarious!