Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sharia Zones in Britain?

Now - I live in a Muslim country under Sharia law. As I have chosen to live here, I accept the laws I live under. If I chose to break the law, I accept that I would be leaving myself open to punishment under those laws. End of. Your country. Your laws. Who am I to complain?

So [excuse my language] why the fuck do certain groups of Muslims (and I accept that it may be a minority) think it is acceptable to try and impose Sharia law on areas of the UK, which already has perfectly good laws which apply to all people whatever their race/colour/sex/religion etc.

It would be interesting to see what happened if tomorrow I went along Hamdan Street posting leaflets saying the street was now a hedonist only zone! You can only walk down this road if you are naked, smoking a spliff and you must have a shag in public before you leave...I think I could guess what would happen.

It really pisses me off. If you want to live in a Muslim country, move to one! There are plenty in the world that would love to have you and you can share with your Muslim brothers and sisters and feel very comfortable that the community is built around your belief system. The alternative is to live side by side with the rest of the people of the UK (Christian, Jew, Hindu, Atheist, Buddhist ...etc. etc.) , as many thousands of Muslims manage to do very successfully.

The UK has of course brought this upon themselves; little by little allowing concessions here and there, trying not to upset people here and there, trying to be community spirited and accommodating ... The UK has become way too soft which is why it is the nirvana that attracts the world's immigrants because they know everything will be laid on a plate for them when they get there.


  1. its a Daily Mail story.... this is one person doing something off their own back... it has no legal backing and no backing from the communities involved.

    It is just a campaign by a few (monority) people.

    There are no Sharia zones in Britain.

  2. As a Muslim who was born and brought up in Canada and recently moved to Abu Dhabi, I completely agree with you. The beauty of living in a democratic multicultural country such as Canada and the UK is that people from all walks of life can co-exist peacefully and in harmony. If you prefer a certain way of life there are other countries that can offer you that option. It appears to be the work of a very small group of extremists and not backed by any government group.

  3. @Mark I am aware that there are no legally backed Sharia zones in the UK...Ive not been away that long - and I do subscribe to The Times too! However, I am aware also that there are organised minority groups who ARE pushing for the legal recognition of Sharia law in the UK. Sure, this campaign is by a lone ranger, but he is not alone in his wishes....

    @AD Abu Dhabi must be great as a Muslim. Ramadan Mubarak! Enjoy....

  4. Even if Sharia law were to be recognised in the UK, it would be perfectly possible for it to operate only for members of its own community, like Jewish Beth Din courts. That could happen; in fact there probably doesn't need to be any legislation for it to happen.

    By contrast, despite the few extremists that the paranoid Mail is reporting about, I can't see the UK government ever allowing Sharia law to be applied to anyone who would rather be subject to national laws.