Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Ridiculous news story of the week - so far!

Censors' claws out for film

The animated film ‘Cat in Boots’ launching in cinemas has its title changed from ‘Puss in Boots’ by local regulators

The animated film ‘Cat in Boots’ launching in UAE cinemas tomorrow has had its title changed from the original ‘Puss in Boots’ by local regulators because of religious and cultural concerns, according to a movie industry insider.
The original title of the comic adventure film, a spin-off from the Shrek series, was taken from a popular children’s story.
However, residents who have watched trailers of the film and are familiar with the title ‘Puss in Boots’ were puzzled after seeing posters advertising the movie under the new title. “There were serious concerns about the title. They felt that it would not be in good taste to a section of the public who might find it offensive owing to their religious and cultural orientations,” an industry source told 7DAYS.
The word ‘puss’ can be used as western slang with sexual connotations. The film is being distributed in the UAE by Gulf Films, a leading film distribution comp­any in the Middle East. An official at Gulf Films said the firm received instructions from the production company Dreamworks Animations, to change the title of the movie to conform to the religious and cultural sensitivities of the region, but none of its content has changed.

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