Saturday, February 2, 2013

Visit to Yas Waterworld

Whenever our kids come over they want to go to a water park. Until now, this has normally meant a trip to Dubai, to either Wild Wadi (next to Burj al Arab) or Aquaventure (next to The Atlantis). As we have been many times, we generally drop them there and go find something to do in Dubai, and then pick them up later. For us, it's a bit of a pain to be honest. Be, hurrah, no more! The long awaited Yas Island Water Park, Waterworld, is now open. (the website is pretty good and has videos of the rides etc.) This is great, as it is literally 10 minutes from our house.

So we went last weekend with Alice, Josh and Alfie. It was the opening weekend, so we were expecting it to be rammed, but it was really pretty quiet when we arrived, although it got a bit busier as the day went on. I would say the park was easily as good as the Dubai ones, and it is slated to grow even bigger with 2 more phases I believe. But even now, there is a good selection of rides, from real adrenaline rushes, through to kids stuff.

We decided to splash out on a Cabana to hire for the day. It's probably something we would only do once, but we thought "why not". The main reason was that it would give us chance to keep Alfie properly shaded during the day. They come in two sizes, for 4 or 6 people, and you get free cold drinks included all day, towels and a waiter service for F&B (just pick up the phone :-) )

Nice and quiet at opening time on Saturday!

I guess they are not heading for the slides!

They have an interesting pearl diving experience, where they will dive down and get you an oyster. You open it and are guaranteed at least one pearl. Then you can have it made into jewellery if want.

Alfie is a water baby!


  1. amazing yas waterpark

  2. yas waterworld park best or aquaventure..??

    1. Yas waterpark by far the best!

  3. Well, I would put them on a par - however Aquaventure is about to open an extension with more rides - should be interesting :-)