Sunday, August 4, 2013

Jet skiing days over in Abu Dhabi?

The Abu Dhabi Government has now banned jet skis from being ridden in many areas of the Abu Dhabi coastline. It pretty much puts paid to the trade in jet ski hire. Jets skis are now banned in all the areas where you can hire them (e.g. Mina Port, Al Raha Beach, Al Bateen). Only if you own your own jet ski and can launch it yourself from an area not banned, will you now really be able to ride one.

As you can see from the the link below, I have enjoyed hiring jet skis from time to time and will miss the opportunity to do so again. There are clearly marked swimming areas along the Corniche beach, but still some jet ski riders (typically local I have to say) , do seem to enjoy annoying everyone else who is trying to enjoy the beach. So, I guess it is the actions of a few that has meant there is now one less thing to do in Abu Dhabi.

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