Friday, August 9, 2013

Maqta Fort

There is an interesting little place next to Maqta Bridge known as Maqta Fort. Before the bridges were built this was the crossing point for those arriving by camel to cross to Abu Dhabi Island. They built a small lookout tower so that they could see who was coming from afar and to check the water depth for suitability for crossing. I believe it has been standing for some 200 years. On the mainland shore there is a small building which used to serve as a check point for people wishing to cross onto Abu Dhabi Island. It later became a police station and now it is a Tourist Information office.

It's not exactly worth a day trip, but if you are passing sometime, it's worth a little look. I took some pictures. The old look out contrasts nicely with the new Sheikh Zayed Bridge. Be aware that to the left side of Maqta bridge (facing the Island) there are some sensitive military areas, so don't photograph in that direction.


  1. Neil - Checkout Abu Dhabi Timeout this week. Your blog gets a mention (again!) Well done!

  2. We left before that bridge was finished. It looks amazing and I bet the traffic is much smoother now. Thanks for the pics!

  3. Yes, I call that new one the "Loch Ness Bridge" (with apologies to HH Sheikh Khalifa of course!) - for obvious reasons :-)