Friday, June 26, 2009

Missing the car cleaner!

Cars over here get dirty pretty quickly as you can imagine. At our last place we had a guy come round three times a week to clean the cars for Dhs50 a month each. Since moving we have missed this service. You can get the car cleaned at a garage nearby, but it's not en route really, so we tend to go a long time between washes. Besides which my 4x4 goes back to the rental company next week and Caz's two weeks later, so we can't really be bothered! I'll post pics of my nice shiny new VW Passat when I get it next week. I'll try and keep this one clean!

As I was driving to one of my customers - an aluminium smelting plant in the desert - I was thinking that maybe I'm going to regret not having a 4x4. I quite often have to drive on unmade roads, even my office in Jebel Ali has to be navigated on some unmade roads. The trouble is that nice/good 4x4s are expensive and I don't want to spend that much, but my 4x4 is horrible and it has to go! So I'll just have to drive slowly and carefully over the unmade roads and I'm sure it will be fine.

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