Thursday, April 22, 2010

Emily Pankhurst eat your heart out!

Marriage licences would curb abuse, expert says
Haneen Dajani
The National - News
22 Apr 2010

Marriage licences should be renewed every five years, and specialised trainers should give couples a test before they are allowed to get married, a professor and TV host said yesterday. Such steps would reduce the risk of women and children more...

This ones a cracker! The bottom line is, let your husband shag you whenever he wants and all will be well!

I can't argue with that!

The funniest thing is a comment left on the online version of the paper....

A good finding-'Men are soft on the inside'.
Western influences make other woman think that she is above man.
Mindset has to be changed through education and mass media.Behavioural sciences should be taught from school.The advantages to the society of a good family shall be taught.
What men mostly look [qualities]in a woman are:
--non-argumenting;but softly expressing views once the time comes[not at the height of an argument];views can be put in writing also,if talking is difficult in a situation.
--do not complain about parents or friends
--give some advance notice of requirements,so that man gets time to arrange
--do not look for perfection in men
--sms to remind functions/birthdays/parties
--arrange the food as per his liking
--take care of the children,including studies
--ask things as per family's allowable budgets
--do not push for loans to live luxury life
--talk nicely to his friends and relatives

Radha Krishna, Dubai

Some very sensible suggestions Mr Krishna! (but don't tell my wife I said so........)

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