Saturday, April 10, 2010

Things from home

We just got back this morning from a week at home. It has been nice to see everyone again, but I have to say that neither of us was particularly bothered about leaving the UK to come back. We are growing to like it here and there are definitely more pros than cons to living here at the moment.

Mostly when we go back for a week, we end up going from pillar to post trying to catch up with as many people as we can, staying in various locations and spending the earth eating out with an assortment of kids. Nothing changed this time. Next time however, when we go back in August, we have booked a 5 bed cottage in the the country with an outdoor pool. So all the kids and hangers on can stay with us and if family and friends want to catch up - they can come and see us! We are going to have a BBQ/Pool party, so should be fun.

One day while out and about I took a few pics on my phone as a selection of things you just don’t see in Abu Dhabi, so here goes :-

A chimney pot......


A betting shop....


A letter box.....


Tesco (an old school high street one at that!).....


A 18th century pub....


A public showing of affection.....


A naked statue......


Maybe a prize if you can name the high street??


  1. Welcome Back ;)

    Nice to see some interesting pictures from your home country

    Thanks for sharing...

  2. I would have to guess.....Sevenoaks High Street. What's the prize?

  3. Ah hah, very good! Methinks maybe you have an inside track...... the prize, hmmm...a highly deserved "well done!"

  4. Thanks! Wasn't that easy. Had to call Interpol to help me.