Tuesday, April 13, 2010

On the move again!

We have decided to move... again! This will be the 4th home we have lived in within 2 years!

Rental prices have softened in Abu Dhabi somewhat. There are many developments, on and off the main city island, that are now being completed. So, that together with the number of people that have moved to Dubai to take advantage of the massive drops there, has meant that the supply and demand balance has shifted slightly. Last year we paid 200k AED (c.£36k) for the annual rent on our 2 bedroom apartment. At the time this was not a bad price for the area, pretty average. When I discussed the price for the coming year with the building owner (bear in mind that there are about 70 flats in our building and this is probably not the only property he has - how rich must he be?), without any haggling on my part he offered us 150k AED. So that sounded better. Armed with this info I thought we should check out some other buildings around us, still close enough for Caz to walk to work, but that might have that most elusive of treasures in this part of town - a parking space! And guess what - we found one!

The map below shows where we are going......


It is the “Al Mansoori” building, named after the owner and his business, whose offices are also in the tower. It is still a 2 bedroom apartment, but it is bigger, with a full sized “Maid’s room” having it’s own en-suite, rather than the cupboard allocated to maids in our current block (not that we have a maid!), so you could pretty much call it a 3 bedroom. There is a swimming pool on the roof of the building and also a small gym. But the best thing is ... I will have an allocated, numbered, completely dedicated parking space in the underground car park! Yippee!! All-in with fees 174k AED + 4k deposit.

More for less. Bargain.

Roll on April 29th!

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