Monday, June 14, 2010

The most annoying thing about the 2010 World Cup..... the vuvuzelas !!

For the uninitiated, this is a vuvuzela :-


If you haven’t heard it, I’m sure you can imagine the “vu vu” sound it might make. Now try imagining thousands of these being blown at the same time. Yes, it’s bloody annoying at a football match. Not only is it annoying, but I think it is suppressing the more traditional singing and chanting that you would otherwise get at football matches. There is no change in the sound the whole way through the match. At least you would get different chants and songs through the game normally.

It’s like watching the game with a massive swarm of bees buzzing overhead the whole time. I have now taken to switching off the sound when watching the games as I find it so annoying and it gives me a headache!

I would support a ban. Melt them all down and make something useful out of them!

Shove your vuvuvelas where the sun don’t shine!


  1. My TV cable has been out for days (thanks e-vision) so I have missed the past few games. I imagine the vuvuvelas are as irritating to you as the USA v UK final score.....HA!

  2. Yes... very irritating! Our goalkeeper needs a vuvuvela shoved up his arse sideways!