Wednesday, June 30, 2010

UAE Speeding fines cut in half

This must be the most ridiculous law passed so far this year!

Drivers who have clocked up huge speeding fines (which don't need to be paid until the car's annual registration) are to be given a 50% discount under a new law passed yesterday by Sheikh Khalifa.

It is already common knowledge that discounts of up to 30% can be granted if you pay off your fines "in bulk" ! But this formalises the discount at 50%.

"Col Hussein al Harthi, director of traffic and patrols, said the new decision to halve fines, which applies to all traffic departments in the emirate, had been made in “sympathy” for drivers. He said the scheme aimed to encourage them to comply with traffic rules and regulations."

How on earth does that work!? Sympathy!? "Awwww diddums, have you been speeding very fast many, many times.....let me help you out....."

"Hmm... let me off half the fine - that will stop me doing it again eh?" - cunning plan!

The most disgusting thing about this was that is was announced on the same day that was the anniversary of a highly publicised incident when 3 young Emirati girls were run over by a speeding car. How bloody insensitive.

Speeding fines cut in half
Matthew Chung and Mohamed Yahia
The National - News
30 Jun 2010

abudhabi // Drivers who owe unpaid fines for speeding and other traffic offences are being treated with “sympathy” by the traffic and patrols department and will be given a 50 per cent discount on outstanding debts. The new legislation, law number more...
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  1. Great minds think alike, see my blog for comments on the same subject that I posted moments ago. What the hell were they thinking?!?!