Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Chocolate Biscuit Wars!

I am in deeeeep trouble!

Did I come in very very late? - no

Did I forget her birthday? - no

Did I spill something on the rug? - no

So what was my crime??

..... I ate 4 of her chocolate biscuits!

OMG you would have thought I was Attila the hun! It was 4 biscuits!

....although it did come on top of me eating her chocolate last week! .... this was even worse!

So a quick tip for all you guys with ladies at home......

Unless you want a huge ear bashing, if they have anything with chocolate in/on/flavoured/next to/in the same room - do not under any circumstances eat it!!

This is a community service announcement offered by the Society for the Protection of Endangered Husbands

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