Wednesday, September 8, 2010

End of Ramadan

Ramadan is coming to an end. At the approach of Ramadan, it can be viewed by non-Muslims as a bit of a nuisance - all the restrictions, lack of places to get lunch etc. But actually, I haven’t found it quite so difficult this year, maybe I’m just getting used to it. Mostly you are busy with work, so the time passes quickly and before you know it, it’s Iftar time and you are allowed to eat and drink again.

The government departments and companies started their Eid holiday today. Officially, it has been announced that Eid will begin on Friday - so therefore tomorrow is the last day of Ramadan (for those that don’t know, Ramadan is the name of the month we are in, in the Islamic calendar).

Since the start of Ramadan I have been meaning to take some pictures of the lights along the Corniche. Lights go up for various celebrations through the year and they do look very nice. Finally, tonight I managed to get some!

Friday we fly to Damascus, Syria, for two nights which we are really looking forward to. Should be lots more photo ops.!


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