Monday, October 18, 2010

Domestic Violence in UAE

I think the Arab world has some way to go in respect of human rights on this issue.....quotes are from The National today.

A man has the right to discipline his wife and children provided he does not leave physical marks, the Federal Supreme Court has ruled.

The judgment was made in the case of a man who slapped and kicked his daughter and slapped his wife.

According to Islamic law, a man has the "right to discipline" his wife and children, which can include beating them after he has exhausted two other options: admonition and then abstaining from sleeping with his wife. Although scholars differ in their definition of "beating", all agree it must not be severe.

Sharjah Court of First Instance fined the father Dh500
[c.£80] for abuse. The decision was upheld by the Sharjah Court of Appeals on February 14.

Dr Ahmed al Kubaisi, the head of Sharia Studies at UAE University and Baghdad University, said that under Sharia beating one's wife was an option to prevent the breakdown of the family.
He said it should be used only as a substitute to resorting to the police.
"If a wife committed something wrong, a husband can report her to police," Dr al Kubaisi said. "But sometimes she does not do a serious thing or he does not want to let others know; when it is not good for the family. In this case, hitting is a better option."
Cavemen are alive and well in the UAE.....

Full text of the story here


  1. As a woman, this makes me feel angry and utterly upset. What about this, Neil?


  2. Yep - I agree. In so many ways many women in the region are not in charge of their own destiny.