Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pizza Burger - yeah ok, whatever!

We were out and about this evening and just wanted something quick to eat, so we went to Burger King in Khalidiya. BK in my opinion serves up a completely superior burger to McDs - and I do count myself as fairly knowledgeable on the subject! So, a Whopper meal with cheese and a round of onion rings it was!

Burger King have just launched the “Pizza Burger” - posing the question “Pizza or Burger”.........


... now you may have superior burgers, but you ain’t doing so well on the intelligence front! I’ll go with the clown on that one any day. How is it anything remotely like a pizza?

This is a pizza.....


In what way exactly is the PIzza Burger like a Pizza?? Oh... it’s round.......and sliced....

So I thought I would make some other suggestions for those great guys in the marketing department at BK.......

Announcing..... the Quiche Burger


....and how about the Sponge Cake Burger


..... or maybe the Cherry Pie Burger

Anyway... this thing contains about 2500 calories which BK suggests as a meal for three with fries and drinks - so that’s 833 calories each, just for the burger never mind the fries and drink.

So, maybe we should just call it..... the Cardiac Burger !

Actually in Arizona there is a place called the Heart Attack Grill - it looks fantastic! (and has some interesting looking waitresses too!)



Here’s the menu...


Eat your heart out Burger King !!!!

( terrible pun I know )

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