Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A secret habit with a get-out clause

Boys sentenced to jail over ‘secret habit’
Haneen Dajani hdajani@thenational.ae
The National - News
13 Sep 2011

ABU DHABI // Two teenage boys who committed indecent acts on themselves were sentenced to two months in a youth correctional centre after being cleared of rape and kidnapping. S M, an Egyptian, and R M, who is Jordanian, had been accused with two...read more...

So what I have learnt from this article....

  • Having a "secret habit" is against Islam
  • ...but Sharia law has no penalty for it
  • It's ok to do it in your bathroom
  • ...but not together with your mate, sat on some other dude
  • If doing it stops you from having sex out of wedlock, then go for it
  • ...a Fatwa says it's ok

I wonder though....is it ok to do it in the bedroom, kitchen, living room etc?

Anyway.. I think it's an activity best performed alone - leave your mates out of it frankly.

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