Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Yas Island traffic police

Well Abu Dhabi Police seem to be having a purge on drivers gunning it down the Yas/Saadiyat Island highway. There is only one camera, so once you are past that you can pretty much put your foot down until you reach the port area. Not any more.

For the last week or so there have been about 4-6 patrol cars parked at various stages down the highway waiting for offenders. Now, today, I know for sure that there are also unmarked police cars patrolling. How? Well, Caz got stopped by one today! However, it turns out the cop who stopped her, was the same cop that attended our house over the maid incident. Basically, he tried chatting her up then while my back was turned - and he went about the same routine today! This time offering Caz a dinner trip on his boat. How nice of him. Caz said her husband loved boats and we would both be delighted to come, at which is seemed to back off not surprisingly.

Anyway, a little feminine charm later and she was let off with a warning.

Caz: well played
Cop: you weasel

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