Monday, January 16, 2012

Close shave!

Today I was driving to Dubai from Abu Dhabi when the cars started slowing rapidly with hazard warning lights flashing. I thought "uh oh, here we go for an hour sitting in a jam", but it seemed that I was on the scene not too long after the accident had occurred. Judging by the fact that there was only about, maybe 10 cars in front of me when we had slowed down and the way that debris was strewn everywhere, I'd say this could only have been minutes before I got there. The only thing suggesting otherwise was that there was already an ambulance at the scene, but I am ring to assume that that was just a lucky coincidence for those involved! There was no sign of anyone still in the car, so hopefully, they were ok and not killed, as could easily have been the case judging by the state of the car.

Here a quick clip of the scene....

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