Saturday, January 28, 2012

Dinner at Quest, Jumeirah Etihad Towers

We had dinner with some friends on Thursday night at Quest. Quest is on the 63rd floor of Jumeirah Etihad Towers, which would have had some fantastic views if the windows were cleaner! As there was 9 of us, they provided a private dining room which was lovely. The food was a kind of Asian fusion. The dishes were "ok", but not fantastic - certainly overpriced, offering more of a reflection of the hotel brand rather than culinary excellence. Over all we did have a nice evening, but we would probably not go back in a hurry.

One cool thing they had though, was the wine list provided on an iPad. Now, I'm not a wine buff, but if I was, I would have found it really interesting to scroll through and find out the finer details of the vineyards and their ownership in the information provided. For me, I just looked for the cheapest red and chose that! I'm sure I am not alone in that strategy!


  1. We had a similar experience, i opted NOT to blog about it since even bad publicity is good for business :)

    great to know im not the only Abu Dhabi expat blogger out there :)

  2. Yeah, it wasn't great.. not for the price!

    Keep on blogging!

  3. Hi Neil & Caz,

    We had a bad experience in Tori No Su this weekend, and have been offered a meal at Quest........
    I could not believe when i saw your review as my name is Neil and my Wife is Caz, it was so funny.............what a coincedence, i was just lokign up the resturant and found you etc. I have ssen the Ipad thing beforer with food on it also bit gimmicky, nothing like a menu though to browse
    So are you still here and blogging,

    All the best Neil & Caz in Abu Dhbai also.....

    1. Hi Neil & Caz also... !!!

      Yes, indeed we are still here and I am still blogging!

      ... don't tell me next you are living on Al Reef?? lol ...

      Feel free to drop me a line